It's quick, easy and there's absolutely no cost to you. Here's how it works...

When ticket sales aren't going quite as expected, or when you just have extra seats available, let SeatStir help! We''ll offer your empty seats to our members and get them filled and working for you!

Why event venues and promoters use SeatStir

Audiences, performers, and even fans & athletes prefer the experience of a full house. SeatStir's the ideal solution for discreetly increasing your audience size while capturing potential revenue and introducing new patrons to your venue and events!

95% Attendance Rate

No need to distribute comp tickets hoping or guessing how many might attend. Know in advance exactly how many people will show.

Strict Privacy Policy

SeatStir is a members-only private website. We send audience members to shows & events without impacting regular ticket sales! And we won't ever publicly promote the names of our entertainment partners or their events.

Additional Revenue

Any time you have empty seats, you're missing out on potential revenue earned from drinks, food and merchandise, parking and future ticket sales. Our members spend money while out exploring new entertainment, and many discover a favorite new event or venue could be yours!

How it Works

SeatStir is a private member's only seat-filler service available to entertainment promoters and venues at no charge. Professional venues and promoters are welcome to offer complimentary seats for our members to fill at your shows and events, and you may use our service only as and when you need us. We recommend at least a week or so notice - the more lead time you can provide us the better we can usually do for you. We can even accept last minute offers (24-48 hours), however, for best results, we recommend at least a week's notice.

The tickets offered: 1) must be 100% complimentary to our members, 2) must have a minimum face value of $10, and 3) cannot be available as complimentary to the general public. You may not charge our members fees (ticket printing fee, etc.). A minimum of 20 tickets per performance is requested.

You'll create your own SeatStir account which you can manage and check for RSVP updates anytime. From there, we will just need a little information about the show or event to get an offer posted on our website and available to our members. Our Will Call list will be sent to the email address(es) you specify, and is delivered at least 3 hours in advance of show time, or whichever date/time you prefer.

You may change (increase or decrease) the number of seats you want to release at any time. However, PLEASE email us immediately if you ever must cancel an event/show/performance or must reduce an offer lower than your current SeatStir RSVP list.

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