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Get ready to satisfy those inner cravings for good times and adventure! SeatStir is a live entertainment “seat-filler” subscription-based membership program that continuously posts shows and events (which cost money to the general public) for our members to reserve tickets and attend - for free. Think of SeatStir as your perpetual free ticket to a multitude of live entertainment opportunities while also helping venues and promoters discreetly fill their extra seats.

SeatStir is loads of fun and a great bargain, too. With your paid subscription you get first-come, first-served access to a never ending slew of show and event offers. Over the course of a year's membership, you'll typically find live professional theater in regional venues, as well as offbeat storefronts. Our music concerts range from classical to some major names in pop and rock, to both up-and-coming and classic touring acts, and many others in between. We’ve also offered loads of comedy, occasional sports, film screenings, festivals and local attractions, dance concerts, and much more...

All in all, over the course of a year, there will be hundreds of different events offered at many, many different venues in each of our locations. Each week, there is always something new available and members are encouraged to take advantage of as many complimentary offers as they can attend. Generally, you and a guest need only go to one or two events to more than make up for the cost of a whole year’s membership - and, still, the show and event offers just keep coming!

A full house brings more energy and excitement to everyone involved in the entertainment experience; to the performers, the venue's exposure and sales, and to everyone in the audience. When a performance or event is in previews, under-publicized, expecting the attendance of reviewers, or just wants the benefits of a full house, our members perform a valuable service by discreetly filling empty seats and being good audience members.

SeatStir works closely with a diverse group of entertainment partners and arranges complimentary tickets for members and their guests to fill unsold seats. Those partners specify the events, performance dates, times and so on. Event offers are typically posted a week or two in advance, although sometimes we can get more or less notice.

Seatstir currently services the following major metro locations and nearby areas.

1. Baltimore, MD

2. Cleveland, OH

3. Columbus, OH

4. Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

5. New Jersey

6. New York City, NY

7. Philadelphia, PA

8. Pittsburgh, PA

9. Washington D.C.

...with Los Angeles and San Diego already in the works! And, more exciting locations coming soon!

Nope. Only current SeatStir members can see our list of shows and events, and here's why: we certainly can work magic sometimes, but we don't have a crystal ball. The venues typically make these decisions only a couple of weeks in advance so we rarely know what’s coming ahead of time (that's half the fun for all of us!). And even if we did know, we can't tell anyone but our members. This keeps the system fair for members and protects our venue partner’s active ticket sales.

The seat-filler concept (aka "papering the house") has been around for years in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas and is growing in many newer markets. Our operation began in 2012. Since then, we’ve learned that no show or special event is too big or too small to need a little help, from time to time, with filling up the empty spaces in the audience, as a full house experience is important for the performers, the paid ticket holders, and the venue.

We're a family owned-and-operated business with an entertainment background, and we love what we do. We get a charge out of boosting attendance at the bigger venues just as much as a smaller place that needs to fill an underpublicized show. And, it’s rewarding to work with newer, smaller, or up-and-coming groups, helping them to promote a successful opening night, or introducing new patrons to a new hidden gem of a venue.

We love the stories we receive from our members saying… "’ve completely changed my life! I would have never been able to do all this without SeatStir!” or “I love what all I get to explore. I never expected I would like Opera” and “It was wonderful to be able to expose my 10-year old to the performing arts!" Many tell us “I’ve never had so much fun!” or “I never would have known about this place.” And several members have told us that we've "revived date night.” Some simply just say "Thank you! Thank you!!” And we feel the same way.

This membership is not for everyone. If you are looking only for specific events or venues, are dying to score tickets to THE BIG concert, or need to sit in a particular seat or section, then this membership is probably not for you. We typically get pretty good seats to a fun selection of events but we don’t get to pick those seats, and neither do you.

A seat-filler site is NOT a ticket broker. We cannot guarantee what we will be offered ahead of time. And, we purposely underplay the many awesome offers we get (only members get to see that) so as to never interfere with our entertainment partners’ active ticket sales.

Members may receive periodic special event alert messages to encourage participation. Active members who check in frequently get the best choice of events; many members login in at least weekly.

Each new season of events brings a new selection of opportunities to explore, along with a few busier or slower times. However, throughout the year, you’ll find a pretty steady stream of a variety of offers. Membership subscriptions are designed to best ensure that members have plenty of opportunity to experience a plethora of entertainment and get much, much more than their money’s worth.

A CANCEL button is displayed in the member account view. You may click cancel anytime. Once you’ve canceled, your membership will remain available to you through your pre-paid period.

We don't offer refunds. We offer hundreds of different shows & events in each of the major metro areas we serve, within a typical 12-month period. Members who log in routinely to check out the offers available can get much more than their money’s worth. If you don’t find something of interest today, there will be plenty more new choices very soon - usually, by next week, or even tomorrow.

Yes. Members are required to personally attend each event for which they make a reservation. If the member will not be able to go to the event, we expect the member to cancel the reservation as soon as possible and as noted in their reservation confirmation. If you need to cancel after the cancellation deadline, always contact SeatStir at immediately, as soon as you determine that you will not be able to pick up the tickets and attend the event you reserved.

The 3-strike rule. A missed event or late cancellation prevents reserved tickets from being released to other members, provides an inaccurate guest list to the venue, and is considered a "no show" which can jeopardize your membership. If it is determined that a member was a "no-show" to an event, they may be issued a warning and charged a fee. Upon a third occurrence the membership may be forfeited without refund. We understand that life happens and unexpected events do occur and this is why each member is given up to two misses without forfeiture.

Yes. We guarantee to the venue that their tickets are being distributed to members only. As a member, you may bring any guest you choose. It can be a different guest each time if you want, but you, the SeatStir member, must be the one to pick up the tickets and attend on the day of the event.

Selecting an event to attend and reserving tickets is super easy. As a member, you simply log on to our mobile-friendly website at In the members-only display, click on any event image to view the complete event description and details. When you find an event you want to attend, select the date/time, then click on the number of tickets you want. Once you’ve clicked the RESERVE button, your reservation is made and you will find a confirmation noted in your account.

Your assigned seating is determined by the box office on the day of the event after they receive our reservation list. Occasionally an event will have General Admission seating and some venues may be Standing Room Only. These details are typically noted in the event listing.

To claim your tickets at the venue, please follow any special instructions noted in your reservation confirmation. Typically, you'll check in at least 20 minutes before show time at the venue box office, present your photo ID, and say "I'm on your Will Call list." Paying customers may be in line with you, so it is important to be discreet. DO NOT ANNOUNCE to everyone in line that you are from SeatStir or that your seats are free, but do go ahead and tell box office staff that you are a SeatStir member IF CLARIFICATION IS NEEDED.

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