The Rules

For a successful membership experience, please review ALL membership rules before joining. For questions or concerns, please contact our Member Support Team at

General Membership Info

SeatStir members in good standing may gain access to the current listing of show and event offers by logging in at

SeatStir members must be at least 18 years old. For liability reasons, unaccompanied minors may not attend SeatStir events.

Only one name per membership and one membership per person is permitted. Your membership is for your own personal use, only the person listed as the actual member may use this membership service and the member AGREES to attend the show/event for each reservation made or CANCEL in advance.

One additional household account may be added at a 50% discount through SeatStir's website only and must be in a separate household member’s name. Please contact for details.

Members agree to HONOR their reservations or cancel the reservation before the deadline noted in their reservation confirmation email. Any member that reserves seats/tickets and does not check in to pick up their tickets will be assessed a ‘no show’. Members are encouraged to contact SeatStir by e-mail to if the cancellation deadline has passed. No Show fees will be assessed if the member does not notify SeatStir before the start of the event. Members are limited to two (2) “no shows”. A third (3rd) occurrence will cancel membership.

Any complaint received about a member’s behavior by a theater or venue may result in a review of the member's account, during which time no reservations can be made. After review, if membership privileges are revoked, no refund will be issued for dues or fees assessed.

Membership RENEWAL is available through SeatStir's website ONLY. Introductory offers for first-time members may be offered elsewhere from time to time. However these introductory offers are not eligible to be applied towards membership renewal. Members who attempt to use introductory offers by using a second e-mail address will have new accounts deactivated without refund.

Signing up for more than one membership per person and/or more than 4 seats per household/per event will cancel all reservations and disqualify all memberships. No dues or fees will be refunded.

Memberships are non-refundable. Late cancellation fees and no-show fees are not refundable.

Making a Reservation

Immediately upon securing a reservation, the member will be able to review the reservation confirmation by visiting the My Reservations page in the member's Seatstir ​account. Click the Read/Print button on the reservation to read your confirmation. If you do not find your reservation listed, you likely did NOT complete the reservation process correctly. Please try again.

A copy of your Reservation Confirmation is suggested but not required to pick up tickets, unless specifically noted. However, Photo ID is always required.

Please be courteous and reserve only the tickets you’re confident you will use. Besides being polite, it is also the rule. We expect you to use all the seats you reserve. If the venue reports that your party is smaller than the number of seats in your reservation, you will be charged the no-show fee for each unused ticket in your reservation. Please contact SeatStir if you need to change your reservation to a smaller number of seats.

Members may only reserve one event per date.

Reservations can be made 24/7 here at the website. However, day of event reservations can typically be made up to 3-4 hours before show time. Occasionally a venue may require an earlier reservation deadline. We try to note if an event’s reservations will be closed early.

Reservation, Cancellation & No Show Fees

Members must cancel in advance any reservations they cannot attend. A cancellation deadline is indicated in​ the details of​ each event​ posted​ and ​also ​in your reservation confirmation. Cancellations are free if the cancellation occurs before the deadline listed with the performance information. After that time, a cancellation fee of $2.50 per ticket is applied to any cancellations.

There are no free late cancellations for any members. If the Cancel button on your reservation is not operative, the event's cancellation deadline has passed and you should write to immediately to notify us that you will not be able to attend the performance you reserved. The $2.50/seat fee will be assessed for all late cancellations. That's way better than being a no-show. See below.

A ‘No Show’ fee of $10 per ticket is applied ​when ​the reservation is not used nor cancelled before the performance start time. SeatStir and the venues frown on No Shows. Second and subsequent No Shows may have higher fees assessed; after three No Shows, SeatStir membership may be revoked without refund.

Ticket Pick Up, Seating & Box Office Contact

As a member, you MUST NOT CONTACT THE BOX OFFICE OR EVENT LOCATION DIRECTLY about your SeatStir reservation. If you have questions about your reservation, please review the venue’s website and/or contact

Members must follow pick up instructions. Only the SeatStir​ account holder can claim the reservation and pick up tickets. The member must present photo ID​. We urge all members to bring a printed copy of your reservation confirmation​.

Members must be discreet! Especially when picking up reserved tickets at the event/venue/box office, or while seated or anywhere else at the venue, members must be careful not to discuss or announce how they received their tickets or that the tickets were complimentary. There are likely paying customers in line or seated near you. We do not want to hinder the venue’s ability to sell full price tickets.

Members must bring a valid ID and be prepared, if asked, to show proof of age for all guests when the event/venue has age restrictions.

In most cases, venues will ask that members check in or pick up their tickets at least 20 minutes prior to show time. Venues/events reserve the right to cancel a late arrival (music venues are often a noted exception). If a reservation is cancelled due to late arrival this may be considered a ‘no show’ and a warning, a fee, or membership cancellation may follow.

Seating is at the discretion of the box office and usually determined on the day of the event. Remember that the venue has the right to refuse admission to SeatStir seat fillers if they need to. This is vanishingly rare and the frequency is less than once per five thousand performances at SeatStir.

Ticket Distribution and Changes

SeatStir reserves the right to distribute complimentary tickets/offers as we determine best.

Members may only attend a particular event once. Any exceptions will be noted in the event description or sent to members through an e-mail notice.

Members may reserve tickets (up to 2, or up to 4) based on their membership level and first come-first reserved availability.

Our entertainment partners, promoters and venues reserve the right to change or withdraw their complimentary offerings at any time.

Event cancellations or changes to an event offer are at the discretion of the promoter/venue and, although rare, are beyond our control.

In the event that a reservation is not honored or an event is cancelled, the member agrees not to hold SeatStir or any participating entities responsible.

Upon receipt of notice from a venue or event promoter regarding an event change or cancellation, SeatStir will immediately notify those members with reservations of the changes via email.

Before leaving for an event, we strongly recommend checking your e-mail inbox for any changes or notifications from SeatStir. We will always send e-mail messages to notify you if something changes. We'll give you as much notice as possible, but sometimes that may only be a few hours before the show.

There may be instances when we restrict the number of times you may make reservations for high demand venues. If this happens, we will make any restrictions clear in our show/event listing.

There may be times when complimentary offers are presented in return for secret shopping or survey services. When this is the case, it will be stated as a condition of the reservation. If a member makes a reservation to such an event, the member agrees to follow all rules and complete the survey within the specified time. Failure to do so may result in a fee, suspension, or revocation of membership.

Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate revocation of membership, as well as a charge for the value of tickets sold by the venue to the public.

Rights of Refusal

Our entertainment partners, along with SeatStir, reserve the right to refuse service/admission to anyone who is late, arrives inappropriately dressed, or demonstrates discourteous conduct. If admission is refused, the member may be charged a ‘no show’ (plus 'no show' fee) and possible cancellation of membership without refund.

SeatStir event offers are confidential information for members only. Anyone found disclosing information in a public setting, blog or chat room will have their membership revoked.

Notifications & Web Access

At times, we may send all members an email notification as a courtesy.

SeatStir is not responsible for undeliverable email, timing of email delivery, or email that lands in junk mail or spam folders.

SeatStir is not responsible for any member's web access limitations at work or at home.

We highly recommend adding and to your email contact list to ensure receipt of our regular event alerts. is ​a ​mobile​-friendly website​. We are smartphone and tablet compatible.​

Reservations can be made 24/7. However, day of event reservations can typically be made up to 3-4 hours before show time. Occasionally a venue may require an earlier reservation list at which time that event’s reservations will be closed.

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