Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you could want to know about SeatStir...but didn’t know who else to ask! Pick a topic below to view a list of questions with answers:


How many names can be on a membership account?

Just one. As is customary in venue box offices and ticketing software, only one name may be on a membership account, for a few good reasons. Among those is the fact that our reservation system is automated, so, when you log on and choose an event, your name is automatically inserted in a report with all others that made a reservation for that show/event. Much like ordering tickets through online ticketing companies, we aren’t able to modify the name on our reservation list. The account holder is the only person who may reserve seats and pick up tickets. The member must personally attend the events reserved. And bring your ID! It will be required to claim the reservation and gain admission. If a second household membership is desired, it can be purchased at half price. Please contact us for details.

Is my SeatStir seat-filler membership good in other locations?

No, and Yes. Our memberships are for one location. We are part of the Worldwide Seat Filler Network, and every network company is independently owned and operated, with different plans, prices, and restrictions. For example, some venues in tourism-based cities restrict participation to local residents only. The bottom line is that your membership is designed for the city or metropolitan area where purchased. However, we have a little bit of "travel" built into our memberships. Any active member may request a guest membership in another one of our cities for up to two weeks, once a year. In fact, we have a working relationship with the other companies in the Seat Filler Network, which means you have access to temporary membership in about 25 places - click on Seat Filler Network or at the bottom of the page to see the available cities. Write to us if you are getting ready to travel and we'll fill you in on how it will happen. Beyond that, if you are a current SeatStir member and want to join a second SeatStir location as a monthly or annual member, let us know. We will probably offer you a nice discount on that second membership.

How do I get a refund for my purchase?

We will offer you 100-200 events in a typical 6 month period. We don't offer refunds for the same reason we have a minimum membership period. We want every new member to give SeatStir 4-6 months to provide those 100+ events. Log in routinely and check out the events that are available. If nothing appeals today, there may be something you like tomorrow.

Show & Events

I want to join SeatStir but can you first tell me what shows/events you offer?

Nope. Only current SeatStir members can see the list of shows, events and venues available, and here's why: we certainly can work magic sometimes, but we don't have a crystal ball. We may not know ourselves what we will be getting and when (that's half the fun for all of us!). And even if we did know, we can't tell you, or anyone else for that matter, ahead of time. That keeps the system fair for all members and we protect our venue partner’s current ticket sales.

Once I'm a member, how do I find out what shows/events are available?

There are two ways you can find out what is available. Members may log on 24/7 at Just provide your user name (e-mail address) and password to land onto our Events page. Please keep in mind that we are not a ticket broker and some offers can be seasonal and cyclical. There will be times we have just a few shows or events to offer and other times we will have a ton of offers. Once the event is officially posted on the site, it is available to all members. An event alert e-mail is typically sent out to the membership about monthly as a reminder that we have new events available to be reserved (on a first-come, first-served basis, of course.) And remember, it’s up to the member to check the site regularly for offerings; event offers are posted as they come in throughout the week and e-mail newsletters are just a nice reminder to log in. And, some of our event partners want to whisper and not shout! So, log in often and be sure to keep your eyes on your inbox and open any messages from us!

Can you tell me if you are going to get a specific show/event I'm interested in?

We probably do not know. Finding out what’s coming up next is one the reasons our staff keeps coming to work. It’s definitely part of the fun of SeatStir: which offers have arrived since I last checked? And, even if we did know, we can't tell you ahead of time. It wouldn’t be fair and we’re nothing if not fair to all members. Once in a while, typically monthly, an e-mail is sent to all members, reminding you to log on and reserve events of interest to you…first-come, first-served, of course. But, we recommend checking much more frequently.

I'm a member and I don't see many shows/events listed as available on the site, why?

Good question! First, it is important to remember that we are not a ticket broker. Rather, we offer seats if, and when, our awesome venue partners make them available. And quite honestly, there may be times no one wants us to fill seats. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer and things have slowed, or it is a holiday and show tickets are selling like the latest iPhone. We work with many different types of productions, people, and properties, and we are experts at building solid relationships with event providers. However, it really is up to their discretion whether or not a particular event will be offered to SeatStir’s members. But, not to worry, the slow times don’t last long. There’s always plenty coming up!

Our seat-filler network was launched in 2007. Suffice it to say that since we have been around, we have offered our members stellar entertainment options at hundreds of different venues for thousands of shows and events and we will continue to do so. It just may not happen every day! After being a member with us for several months, we are confident you will have taken advantage of some great entertainment offerings!

I received notification for an available show/event but when I log on it isn't available, why?

We wish we could offer enough tickets for everyone that wants to go, but the reality is that we are instructed to offer a set number of seats. And SeatStir events are offered first-come, first-served. If you are notified about an event, then log on and see it isn’t available any longer, that's because other members beat you to it, all the seats have been reserved and there are none left. Believe it or not, we have had dozens - even hundreds - of tickets to popular shows "fill-up" within minutes ... there will be times when you gotta be quick on the draw!

Does SeatStir guarantee that I will be able see a specific show/event?

Nope. We can’t guarantee that you, or any member, will secure seats for a particular show. Although SeatStir actively pursues many different area shows and events (large and small) to offer our members, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available for any specific event or that a member's desired date/time will be available or that a particular member will succeed in reserving seats. Members make their ticket reservations for available offers on a (yes, you guessed it) first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations & Ticket Pick-Up

How do I reserve seats and pick up tickets?

Selecting an event to attend and reserving tickets is very easy. As a member, you simply log on at to see a list of available events in the Members Only area. The events are posted by date. Click on any event to read the complete event description. When you find an event you want to attend, click on it. Then, scroll to the bottom, select “Number of Tickets” you'd like to reserve and click Reserve. You will be put on a Confirmation page with all the details of the reservation. You will have two minutes to click the CONFIRM button which completes your reservation transaction. When you are certain about your plans to attend and your reservation order (number of tickets, event/date/time) - click CONFIRM.

Once you have clicked CONFIRM, your reservation is made. You will land on your My Reservations page where you may click Print next to the reservation to review the details of the reservation you just made.

To claim the tickets at the venue, please follow any special instructions included in the reservation confirmation message. Typically, you'll check in at least 20 minutes before show time at the venue box office, present your ID and say "I'm on your Will Call list." Paying customers may be in line with you, so it is important to be discreet. DO NOT ANNOUNCE to everyone in line that you are from SeatStir or that your seats are free, but do go ahead and tell box office staff that you are a SeatStir member IF CLARIFICATION IS NEEDED.

Your assigned seating is determined by the box office on the day of the event after they receive our reservation list. Some events have General Admission seating and some venues may be Standing Room Only. We try to note those on the event listing.

How often will you restrict me to only one spot for an event?

We allow members to reserve two seats for all of our events, and our Friends & Family members may reserve as many as 4 seats to any event. If you make a reservation and our website restricts you to only one seat, that means you are getting the last seat available in our allocation. Way to go!

Do I have to personally pick up the tickets and see the show/event?

Yes. We guarantee to the venue that their tickets are being distributed to members only. As a member, you may bring any guest you choose. It can be a different guest each time if you want, but you, the SeatStir member, must be the one to pick up the tickets and attend the event.

Do I need the confirmation message once I select a show and reserve tickets?

You’ll need the confirmation message in order to READ IT. It’s the way you will receive all of the posted information regarding the event. However, it is not required to present a copy to pick up your tickets. We think it’s a good idea to have it on hand when you go to claim your reservation, just in case. All that’s required to pick up your tickets is a government issued photo ID like a driver’s license.

If you do not print the confirmation message immediately after you have reserved tickets, know that you may print or review it later any time you like. Also, you should always double-check to see that you completed the entire reservation process. Simply click MY RESERVATIONS to find the event listed in your account's reservation list. If it’s there, you are all set. If you don’t find your new reservation listed, you didn’t complete the reservation process and you should try again.

How do I change or cancel my reservation to a show or event?

Log in, click My Reservations. Click Cancel next to the reservation you wish to cancel. If you don't see a Cancel button, then it's after the cancellation deadline. Write to us and we'll contact the venue if it's before showtime. You'll be charged a late cancellation fee, but that's a lot better (and cheaper) than being a no-show.

If you wish to change the number of seats you have reserved, go ahead and change the number in your reservation and press Update. It's really that simple! If you have any trouble updating the count, let us know and we'll fix things for you.

Why can't I reserve tickets for two shows on the same night?

Unless you can be at two places at once (don't even try to tell us you can!) we don't allow members to book two shows on the same date. Members must adhere to the rule that states a reservation made must be honored. It isn't fair to take tickets out of inventory and not use them. It’s not fair for our venue partners, or for other members that may have wanted the tickets you reserved.

May I attend the same event several times, or more than once?

Maybe. We will frequently restrict the number of times you may make a reservation for high demand shows/events/venues. This is often at the request of the venue, though we may be simply trying to ensure that many different members have the chance to see something very popular. If this happens, we will make any restrictions clear in our show/event listing. Restrictions can change and vary, even for the same offering, depending on circumstances. So, if a limitation is set, it's not set in stone, and may go up, down, or be taken off altogether. Also note, limitations are placed upon the number of visits to a particular show/venue and not the number of tickets reserved.

My Account

I am a member, but I forgot my password. What now?

Go to and on the right side of the Home page click LOGIN at the top of the page. Then click "Forgot Your Password" on the overlay screen that asks you for your password. This will send a link to your e-mail address. Once you receive the link, click on it and you can then reset (recover) your password.

I am a member, but I can’t log in or find the login area.

There is a good chance that you are still logged in. If this is the case, then you will see something on the left-hand menu stating MEMBER AREA. Click on that button, and you will be taken to the Member Area. If this is not the case, close your browser and log back into On the main page, towards the right side, you will see LOGIN AREA where you put in your e-mail address and password. The LOGIN area may be hidden if your display is small, so make sure to scroll to the right if you do not see the LOGIN AREA. If it is still not working, there is a chance that you put in your e-mail address incorrectly when signing up, or you forgot your password. To recover your password, see the instructions above (I am a member, but I forgot my password). Remember: always LOG OUT when you are finished looking at the site.

How do I change my phone number, address, etc. on my account?

Log on to your account and click "modify/edit account" to alter any of this information. Note that our database uses your e-mail address to uniquely identify you, so that's something you can't change yourself. Just write to us and let us know if you need to update your e-mail address on file.

When does my account expire?

Log on and you will see your name and membership details, including the next invoice date and amount you'll be billed. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about what is shown.

What is the difference between upgrading and renewal of membership?

Renewing your membership adds on an additional time to your membership beyond your existing expiration date.

Upgrading a membership allows you to go from one member level to a higher membership level. Members may upgrade anytime. The monthly cost difference is minimal, so give it some thought!

Why can't my membership be in more than one name?

All memberships are singular and can be in one name only, for several reasons. Among those reasons is the fact that our reservation system is automatic, so, when you log on and choose an event, your name is automatically inserted in a report with all others that made a reservation for that show/event. Much like ordering tickets through other online ticketing companies, we aren’t able to modify the name, plus there’s no way we could keep up with a round robin of changing reservation names!

Tell Me More

What is a "Seat Filler" site? How Does This Work?

A seat filler site enables members to attend events (for free) that are not sold out, thereby "filling" the audience. SeatStir provides members the opportunity to make reservations for available shows and events as determined by our entertainment partners such as promoters, venues, etc. Those partners specify the events, performance dates, times and so on. Event offers are typically posted a week or two in advance, although sometimes we get more or less notice.

Over the course of a year's membership, you're typically going to find live professional theater in regional venues to the offbeat in storefront theater (all locales except NYC), Our music concerts range from classical to some major names in classic rock to up-and-coming touring acts, and many others in between. We also offer loads of comedy, occasional sports, film screenings, dance and more... All in all, over the course of a year, some 200-300 different event opportunities will be offered at many, many different venues.

A seat filler site is NOT a ticket broker. Among other things, that means throughout the year there will be slow times and busy times for event offers. Each season brings a new selection of opportunities. Membership subscriptions are offered to ensure that members have plenty of opportunity to experience a diversity of entertainment options despite the occasional slower periods. Active members log in at least once a week, more often is better, to get the best choice of events; many members log in daily. An event alert is e-mailed out to members, typically weekly, to encourage regular participation. You and a guest need only attend even one or two events to more than make up for the cost of an entire year's membership - and, yet, the shows, events and offers just keep coming!

Why would shows and events give away seats?

There are several reasons why our partners offer free seats. A new show may be trying to get a running start or an established show may want to fill seats on certain days that are not fully sold out. Some venues want to boost word of mouth about the show, or gain more revenue from drink sales, restaurant dining and/or money spent in the venue before and after the show. Whatever their reason, SeatStir is a great way to get you into those seats.

Can I get a list of events or venues available prior to joining?

We certainly understand your desire to know more. However, to protect their usual ticket sales, our agreement with our entertainment partners does not allow us to use their names publicly. Look at the bright side, once you become a member, you can access our Past Events page to see all we've offered to date.

Over the course of a year's membership, you're typically going to find plenty of live professional theater in regional venues to the offbeat in storefront theater (all locales except NYC). Our music concerts range from classical to some major names in classic rock to up-and-coming touring acts and pretty much everything in between. All in a variety of venues. We also offer loads of comedy, occasional sports, film screenings, dance and more.

We'll typically list more than 200 events at several dozen different venues. Events are typically posted about 5-15 days in advance. However, we sometimes get more or less notice and event offers are updated and changing constantly.

SeatStir is a “seat filler” program. Think of it as a grab bag meant to encourage people to explore and discover new entertainment options while helping venues and promoters fill their extra seats. Every event we list is free to our members but costs money to the general public. A typical member is likely to find some favorite venues already on our list and plenty of places or events they didn't know about. A member and guest attending just one event can more than pay for the membership. Anyone with a sense of adventure will find SeatStir to be a great bargain.

Once I join, will I be able to see current and previous shows listed?

Yes! Once you're a member, you will have access to both the Members Only area featuring current event offers, and our Past Events tab which lists shows and events that we have offered in the past. New show and event opportunities are posted as they come in. Typically, that happens several times a week, and we make the new listings available for reservations as soon as we can. The SeatStir Members Only area accepts reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do I have to attend a show I select?

Yes. Members are required to personally attend each event for which they make a reservation. If the member will not be able to go to the event, we expect the member to cancel the reservation as noted in their reservation confirmation, which can be displayed from the My Reservations page. Every reservation has a cancellation cutoff time, after which the reservation is final and the member is expected to attend the event. When the member is not attending, it is never permissible to give away the tickets or attempt to put the reservation in a different name. If you need to cancel after the cancellation deadline, always contact SeatStir as soon as you determine that you will not be able to pick up the tickets and attend the event you reserved.

A missed event or late cancellation prevents reserved tickets from being released to other members, provides an inaccurate guest list to the venue, and is considered a "no show" which can jeopardize your membership. If it is determined that a member was a "no-show" to an event, they may be issued a warning and charged a fee. Upon a third occurrence the membership is forfeited without refund. We understand that life happens and unexpected events do occur (car trouble, medical emergency, etc.), and this is why each member is given up to two misses without forfeiture.

What is the value of the tickets?

Although the box office pricing of tickets varies, for members, they are considered complimentary ($0.00 value). Remember, the person sitting in the row in front of you may have paid $25, $50 or even $150 for his or her seat, but you'll receive your seats for free through your membership. Members must not sell tickets. If it is determined that a member sold tickets that were reserved through SeatStir, their membership will be cancelled immediately without refund and will be charged the full retail price of the tickets.

I have read through this entire list of Frequently Asked Questions and still need something answered, now what?

If you have read through our Membership Rules and FAQ’s and cannot find the answer you need, please feel free to go to the CONTACT PAGE and e-mail us. Our Member Service Center is open daily except for holidays. We will get back to you promptly. Our e-mail address is:

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