Got a sense of adventure? Then, you’ll find SeatStir to be plenty of fun and a great bargain.

SeatStir is a “seat-filler” program. Think of it as an entertainment grab bag designed to encourage people to explore and discover new entertainment options while helping venues and promoters fill their extra seats. We list shows and events that cost money to the general public which our members get to attend free. A typical member is likely to find some favorite venues participating along the way, and plenty of places they didn't know about or have yet to visit. A SeatStir membership is your invitation to explore and take advantage of more great entertainment in your area!

Seatstir is a member of the Seat-Filler Network

SeatStir is a member of the Seat-Filler Network serving more than 25 U.S. markets coast to coast, with access to complimentary tickets and offers unique to our areas of operation. Our cities currently include Philadelphia, PA - Washington D.C. / Baltimore MD - Pittsburgh, PA - Cleveland, OH - Northern New Jersey & NYC - and Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN.

With your paid membership you get first-come, first-served access to a slew of show and event offers located throughout your metropolitan area. SeatStir features plenty of live theatre, concerts, and comedy shows, as well as special events and festivals, local attractions, occasional sporting events and more! Take advantage of these complimentary tickets as often as you like. Enjoy a night out once in a while, once a month or every week – it’s up to you. So, go ahead – join and get the fun started.

Here's How We Do It

Tickets & Offers

SeatStir arranges complimentary tickets for members and their guests to attend a variety of shows and entertainment events. When a performance or event is in previews, under-publicized, expecting the attendance of reviewers, or would just like the benefits of a full house, our members perform a valuable service by discreetly filling empty seats and being good audience members. We work closely with a diverse group of venues and event promoters in our program areas to provide access to tickets and offers specifically for SeatStir members like you, to reserve and go enjoy.

A Word of Caution

This membership is not for everyone. If you are looking only for specific events or venues, are dying to score tickets to the BIG concert, or need to sit in a particular seat or section, then this membership is definitely not for you. We purposely underplay some of the awesome offers we get because we want to support our entertainment partners’ ticket sales and success. However, we definitely cannot make guarantees about what will be offered and would rather not disappoint you.

Keep in mind that each season brings a new set of events. And with nearly 300 event offers each year from which to choose, attending several is easy. Even a single show can more than pay for the price of membership! The best part is you don’t have to stop there; your free entertainment offers just keep coming in.

Behind the Scenes

SeatStir is owned and operated by Velvet Rope Enterprises LLC, a part of the Seat-Filler Network, serving more than 25 major markets in the U.S. and growing.  The seat filling concept is still fairly new in many markets, although seat filling (aka "papering the house") has been in existence for many years in cities like New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  We've learned that no venue/theater/house is too big or too small to need a little help with filling their seats from time to time.  A full house is important for the performers, the paid ticket holders, and for the overall experience. And SeatStir is a great way for members to get out more, to explore and experience new happenings and new venues in their community.

We're a family owned-and-operated business and we love what we do. We get a kick out of boosting attendance at the bigger venues that need to fill an underpublicized show, and it’s quite rewarding to work with new and smaller theatre groups, helping them to promote a successful opening night, and introducing new patrons to their hidden gem of a venue.  We love the stories we receive from members saying "WOW...I never expected I would like Opera” and “It was wonderful to be able to expose my 10 year old to the performing arts!" One member says we've "revived their date nights" and many tell us “I never would have known about this without SeatStir!”   Being a community seat filler is a win-win.  Learn even more about how it all works in our FAQ section.

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